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About the ACK Language School

In today’s fast-paced and rapidly-changing world, effective communication is more important than ever, and knowledge of another language as a means of local or international communication is of paramount importance.


Local and International Travel has become a permanent and ever-growing feature of modern society and today traditional language programmes form only part of a complex range of programmes required by groups and individuals as a way of achieving personal, educational or professional goals.

Mobility involving cultural exchanges among countries worldwide has become an integral part of professional development in a way that couldn't have been imagined a few years ago.

The ACK Language and Orientation has had over fifty years of experience in providing quality language, professional development and cultural programmes to groups and individuals of all ages and from more than 50 countries worldwide.

As learners' needs changed, we developed a sophisticated range of courses to meet those needs; mission work, pastoral service in remote areas, influx of refugees of different nationalities, foreign service, hearing challenges, university pathway and examination preparation courses, tailor-made specialised programmes for groups and individuals, blended learning and in-service courses for teachers, training through different languages.

We bring energy and enthusiasm in responding to the new reality that is local and international service today and to developing suitable programmes across a broad spectrum.

We also provide expert training in a variety of different locations so that clients can choose the type of programme and the location that best meets their needs.

We remain committed to an ongoing evaluation of what we do in response to the constantly-evolving world of local and international service, without ever losing sight of the fact that it is the individual learner who is at the centre of what we provide.

Students in class

Learning a language offers a new perspective on the world and on life and we are proud to be part of that experience.

Objectives of the school

  • To serve ACK in preparation of her expatriate and local workers
  • To serve missionary societies in preparation for their staff coming to East Africa to serve in employment or with voluntary agencies
  • To provide teaching facilities for other persons not falling in the above categories
  • To prepare students for admission into English-speaking schools, colleges and universities
  • To prepare research students for effective Report Writing
  • To prepare research students for University Semester Programmes in Africa

Our Core Business

  • Teach and examine languages
  • Orientation to people and organizations
  • Translation and editing
  • Archive, Christian Research and Production
  • Interpretation

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