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Our Services

ACK also is strategically positioned to offer a wide array of services

Translation and Interpretation Services

ACK Language school has a wide network of approved translation professionals chosen for their language fluency, industry expertise and knowledge of local culture.

Document translation services are one of the core competencies of our school.

You can be completely confident that the translation you receive is not only technically accurate but sector- and culture-specific.

Each language translator is carefully selected by assessing their qualifications, specialist expertise and experience. They are continually assessed on their performance by our in-house rating procedure.

We offer our clients a fast response, timely delivery and great quality language translations first time, every time.

Translation Languages include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Italian, Swahili, Somali, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, Amharic, Kinyarwanda, Kalenjin , Kikuyu, dholuo among others.

Proof reading Services

We provide proof reading as a service on its own or combined with translation.

An independent linguist verifies content, improves style and ensures clarity of text. You can order proof reading regardless of whether we have originally translated the document for you or not.

Transcription Services

Transcription means creating a record of the spoken word.

We offer a transcription service that can be relied upon for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Transcription converts the spoken word into written form.

We can transcribe in many languages or translate into another language directly from the audio.

Our transcribers are professionals.

Our service specializations include the following:

  • Business Transcriptions (meetings, seminars, conferences, lectures)
  • Market Research (focus groups, interviews, meetings)
  • Interview Transcriptions (one-on-one and multi-speaker)
  • Academic Transcription services (lectures, seminars, conferences, interviews )
  • Legal Transcriptions (depositions, hearings)
  • Medical Transcription services

Desktop Publishing

Our versatile, in-house desktop publishing service has been carefully designed to fit your exact needs.

Just send us your original artwork files and we will do the rest from text re-sizing to modifying page layouts.

Furthermore, we integrate quality assurance procedures to ensure that the meaning of the translated text is not compromised in the process.


Localization is the cultural translation and adaptation of a product or service from one language to another to ensure that it is completely consistent with the specific social, cultural and legal requirements of a target market.

Localization can help you get past the language and culture barriers to reach your target audience.

ACK Language school offers a localization consulting service to support your needs both in pre- and post-localization.

Our services include:

  • Brochure & Catalogue localization
  • Business translation
  • Business Cards localization
  • Documentation localization
  • Bid/tender documents and proposals localization
  • International technical translation services
  • Any other localization

International Brand Consulting

ACK Language school offers a unique consultancy service for the localization of international brands in the East African Market.

The premise is simple; when expanding into new markets, companies dedicate huge budgets to planning, marketing and logistics.

However, brands and marketing messages can be interpreted differently from one country to another.

Even for multinational corporations, this has led to some embarrassing and costly marketing failures.

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