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Word from the Principal


We are committed to providing a positive, supportive, engaging and stimulating learning environment where all students can reach their full potential and achieve their goals of learning.

The school recognizes that an appropriate training is fundamental to the success and emotional well-being of all our students.

Therefore, it is our objective to assist students with the management of their social and emotional needs as well as provide each student with language skills leading to certification.

We endeavour to achieve this balance by delivering a range of quality, individualized training plans and support programs that address each student's unique background, current language proficiency, academic, social, and emotional needs.

All school community relationships are built on mutual respect and understanding and the school environment openly embraces diversity and values tolerance by respecting individual differences.

We are a unique place of learning where student's individual needs can be catered for and they can learn in a safe and supportive environment.

There are several key features of ACK language school that make it a successful

The Teaching Staff

Our teachers are this school’s most valuable resource. It is the quality and enthusiasm of the teaching staff that is the key factor in determining that successful learning of any language takes place.

At ACK language school we have a professional, enthusiastic staff that are committed to the idea that every student is special and will experience intellectual growth.


We have the resources that focus specifically on diverse groups. Our focus for curriculum is aimed at catering for the learning needs of every student, whether they need accelerated or remedial programmes.

We shape the curriculum to ensure that our students receive a balanced and exciting language training.

Our specialist teachers in various languages ensure that the students receive expert tuition in these language areas.

The Facilities

The school has excellent facilities that we continue to refurbish and enhance.

We have rooms of different sizes that enable us to offer individual and group instruction. We also have wide range of audio-visual equipment and internet facilities.


My greatest initiative is to provide leadership that will continue to build upon the positive atmosphere at the ACK Language school focusing on formative instructional practices, differentiated instruction and the social emotional learning needs of our students.

The training programs are challenging and engaging. Sponsors, teachers, support staff and administration all play an important role in encouraging our students to become active learners.


Mrs. Sarah Mwaura


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